Free Will Does Not Exist®

You Don't Need God to Be Spiritual®


soared above squares under a deathly spell
vast expanse circled the distance well
eyes fell before notes made any sense
yet the dreamfields hit me dense
slept to meet you in the sky my mine
we played & you did some things i didnt like
made appointments with the other kind
made you vulnerable to the blind
slaved to opposite frights
reeled back into the awake sling shot
disoriented little blood clot

drops emerged along the framed visage
sobbed for help & laughed to herself
in a dark living room i once saw you
seated, breathing calmly at carpet’s foot
heard stories but could never face the name
traveled the world to make squares circle
drove every perceiver insane
you were neither here nor there
nor when nor where
just who and how
& why & wow

8pm every night w/ a glass of milk
frequent showers, short flicks
habits i used to make friends with
+ ask for cigarettes
slithered past my will

love without care is all.
it takes time and then we die
dont panic; i’m smiling

blacks and greens are the only real spirits here
so death gets lonely to a feels seer
sense this out; make sense of shape
hearts need the right kind frames to look good,
i swear
6 faces make 3 layers
theres the real secret
& faces are rare what they seem
yet you have a face, it seems

blue sky why did you abandon me??
i understand now i’m older
and less experienced
pink moon why didnt you say good night ??
that — i will never understand


we are of same tongue and sound mind
but what’s behind that little one?

deep cut where the hole was
dig in// find the old us
beneath veneer, unrefined stone
glass of shame on ‘the rocks’
dash of splenda
some cash to spend
and a fastened cinderblock

film sheets drawn at dawn
over eyes for fun
my only son, to be blunt
i want three daughters 4 your lonely one
3 darlings to call home & call in sick on wednesday nights
three flashes after light

primal affections
and Nike trainers for rainy days
I'll kiss only you this way

mood: luxury bathroom suicidal
like candle-lit haze

like minded equestrian you
rode me thru the night
dawn's dusk saw our frames pressed against
we slid; i became numb
then couldnt see Anything

five pillars, five daily acts of surrender
call to prayer game ender
lensed devout ghost pretender
i see the monolith again
at the foot of my bed

here to collect agency and perception, she said
event horizon brazenly marbled white floor
disguised death himself as masonry

jealous devils painted in abstract
sliced me open like an orange
veiled intriguing possibilities

dawn’s glass met the ceramic and
my ashen eyes unsealed out of bad habits
curtailed conversation for unsure, dodgy stares
the florals are dirty
ive nothing to wear
my florists are dead
i'll lose a mind
your face will change

i sipped
prayed before i did
pledged allegiance to my death,
wife and kids

a While sat in silence
seaweed on tongues
rice in teeth
beating meat in our hearts
took yours out
put it on the chopping board
and thought to eat

sometimes wish
you never came back
loved you once and that was that


on comes the mask.
this visage conceals careful secrets
curious treats i could never eat
my master never let me
he was a cruel man who loved me

broke my neck to keep us safe and sound


braindead away message for
(a) faded online date
(b) eyes were in their natural state &
i fell asleep to your sweet you
felt you at my fingertips digital sweet heart
through microphone screen
✓ Seen 6:51am

country club chlorine
teen affluence ate baby meals in those privileged wooden grasses
renovated planks left me so marred
and oblivious to Island perils
entitled fucks
did some coke & left the club
used you for some
good drugs / bad love

underwhelmed to sleep
neat hard liquor
some things to eat
the fridge is empty
so is my heart

the lambs could not speak
-- only sleep --
for exhaustion is a dear glass
first in the Apartment
possessions inhabited the living room
spoke slithered and arpeggiated life into the window sills

(ice) ((with fresh heiress))
127 hours ago i died inside
left a mess of existence on the sauna floor
but you had hid your blade of ice in Thermos®®®


© 2014